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PMU Should be Neutral From the Rector Election

Rector election UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung on May 3 next improvement should be a crutch for the UIN to the front. However, PMU Manager UIN SGD Bandung, Dr. Fisher Zulkarnain hope that debuted at number one UIN people should not interfere with the development process.


PMU Manager also hope to whoever becomes the next president to have the commitment and responsibility to bring the institution to be more calculated UIN both at national and international level. As known, clear rector, there are 8 items UIN development component of the IDB financed, among them: (1) Start-up Workshop (2) PMU Equipments (3) PMU Experts (4) Project Management Supervision Consultant (PMSC) (5) Detailed Design Engineer Consultant (DEDC) (6) Financial Auditing Consultant (FAC) (7) Equipment Consultant (EQC) (8) Civil Work.


Implementation of Phase I construction of a rehab 4 (four) buildings lectures, namely: Faculty of Adab and Humanities, Faculty of Da’wa and Communication, Faculty Ushuluddin, and Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty.

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