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Proses Morfofonologis dalam Pembentukan Kosakata yang Dipakai dalam Bahasa Gaul Kreasi Debby Sahertian.

Abstract: Language develops dynamically. It adjusts to the conditions, needs and usage by social group. This development can be natural and are artificial. The establishment of a natural language is present and used by a particular group of users without known when the first time and who use it. In contrast, the formation of an artificial language—also called by slang language, usually initiated by one group or person so as to know since when it is used and by whom it was made. This paper discusses the artificial language created by Debby Sahertian.  The focus of the research lies on the morphophonology of the vocabulary used in kamus bahasa gaul. Of 720 vocabularies in the dictionary, 280 vocabularies are categorized into process of addition, subtraction, acronyms, abbreviations, associations and mix changes. The rest, as many as 440 vocabularies are categorized into process of substitution without any steady rules. From the results of the study it is concluded that this artificial language does not have a systematic and steady and uniform rule. Thus it is hard to learn and maintain this kind of language. So it is not a kind of a good of the artificial language.[]

Sumber, Jurnal Al-Tsaqafa Volume 9, Nomor 1 (2012)

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