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Pendidikan Islam pada Masa Rasulullah

Abstract: History is a very important reference as we will build the future. connection with it we can know how the development of Islam in the past. So we tend to wander aimlessly andmay repeat the mistakes that ever existed in the past. Here is the history that serves as a reflection of the days past there was a story that we should learn to design and plancarefully for a brighter future without the unwavering with no power. Development ofIslam in the days of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Companions is a Religion of Islam in the heyday, it can be seen how the purity of Islam itself, with the actors and the main factors, namely the Prophet Muhammad. This study focuses on the development of Islamic education in the days Rasullulah SAW, this study used a qualitative approach to study methods of analysis, which is analyzed in this study are of Islamic education in the Rasullah SAW. But sometimes the question is why in this day and age we like to forget.related with it needs, we look back and reassess how the actual history of Islam.

Keywords: History, Islamic education, Religion

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