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Kebebasan Pers Kaitannya Dengan Penodaan Terhadap Martabat Agama


This research back grounded from the facts that there are many stains toward religion in Indonesia. These stains are not separated from the role of press or even the press itself tends to be part of the acts of the stain toward religion to become acute.  In this reform era, the misunderstanding of the freedom of press often becomes scapegoat of the reason of the conflict among the members of religious community. Therefore, there must be a precise solution based on a clear understanding about the freedom of press in relation to the stain toward religion. This research uses a qualitative method by using survey approach to portray the life of Muslim community in West Java in relation to the stain toward religion. Here are the results of the research. First, the freedom of the research in Indonesia is not the same term in as in liberal press system. It means that press must be independent, free in informing in line with the regulation especially the regulation related to press itself. Stain toward religion in the form of comparing Allah SWT and His messenger with other human being: making of Muhammad’s caricature, putting messenger’ words and syahadat not in the right place, claiming as a God and as a messenger, trampling on the Holy Quran, throwing the Holy Quran to the toilet (by US Army), and destroying the prayer’s facilities. Diverting the Holy Quran and As-Sunnah’s teaching in the form of: claiming as the last messenger, praising the materialism, forbidding using veil, believing another last messenger beside Rosulullah Saw., claiming as a Muslim but does not obey to the Rules of Islam, doing terrorism in the label of Islam, denying the rules of marriage, and making false hadits.

Keywords : Pers, civil society, freedom, responsibility, staining, religion prestige

Sumber, Al-Tsaqâfa Volume 9 No.1 Juni 2012 h. 8-17

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