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The Implementation of Strategic Planning for Information System in Educational Foundation

Abstract: In a competitive business environment, The Educational Foundation may decides two strategic business policies related to information system (IS) and information technology (IT) implementation. These are, optimalization of IS/IT implementation for increasing services quality and its utilization as a core business competitiveness as a whole. However, a strategic planning for information system (SPIS) is required to implement these business policies. SPIS is a process for determining required IS to support business strategy, so that the strategy concentrates to identify required information and ensuring IS is aligned to business strategy. According to the Ward and Peppard’s approach, some activities of SPIS are conducted by using four main phases such as initiation, assessing and understanding the current situation and interpreting business requirement, setting priorities for IS/ IT, and determining IS/ IT strategy. Some analysis, Politic-Economic-Social-Technology (PEST), Boston Consulting Groups (BC, and Five Forces Porter are used to identify external business environment, SWOT analysis and Value Chain to identify internal business environment.The research resulting a recomendation for organizational development priorities which devided into two related matters, IT Unit establishment and computer based system development for financial, human resource, and infrastructure management.

Key Words: Strategic policy, Strategic planning, PEST, BCG, Five Forces Porter, SWOT analyisis, Value Chain, Recomendation

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