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Matching funds from the construction of GOI (Government of Indonesia) in the 2011 budget began to be distributed. Rationalizing the distribution of funds to the GOI more academic improvement and human resource UIN Sunan Gunung Djati bandung.


Treasurer PMU IDB UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung explained that the existing distribution of funds must go through prior approval of the PMU manager. This is because the allocation of existing funds are very limited. GOI funds allocated to academic activities include workshops, journals, textbook and quality assurance. While the allocation of human resources among socialization, information, cooperation, dedication, and research.



Sa-based Islamic University, Sunan Gunung Djati niversitas U B grandmother in the future are expected to have a proud reputation both at national and international level. Hope so of course necessary to do some good changes in institutional, academic human resources, and infrastructure by involving various stakeholders from both the internal and external university.


Institutionally, the name change from IAIN SGD to UIN SGD Bandung Bandung is not free from the demands of academic and encouragement from external parties. Academically, IAIN deemed to have contributed a lot to the development of Islamic sciences. It’s just because it specializes in Islamic sciences, IAIN considered not accommodate the needs of other subjects that interested the people of Indonesia. So to meet the needs of the wider development of science, IAIN it should open up studies of non-religion.


Scenario I change the name of the State Islamic nstitut Sunan Gunung Djati to Sunan Gunung Djati niversitas U implies the existence of several development plans, d i among them: First, the development of a number of faculty. UIN projected forward has 12 Faculties, namely: (1) Faculty Tarbiyah and Teaching, (2) Faculty of Syariah and Law, (3) Faculty of Adab and Humanities, (4) Faculty of Da’wa and Communication, (5) Faculty Ushuluddin and Philosophy, (6) Faculty of Psychology, (7) Faculty of Science and technology, (8) Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, (9) Faculty of Economics, and (10) Faculty of Medicine.


Second, the quality of human resource development (HRD) academics. Even in terms of human resource variables, UIN SGD Bandung actually have adequate human resources. Quite a few alumni who are now educated UIN S-2 and S-3 on cross-faculty and college. Although the S-1 almost all the alumni of Islam at UIN majored faculties are available on the UIN / IAIN, but the levels of S-2 and S-3 they take different disciplines such as psychology, politics, sociology, law, management , education, economics, and others. Even universities are taken to levels of S-2 and S-3 IAIN graduates, now not only domestically, such as UI, ubuntu, UGM, UPI, UNDIP, and other universities, but also universities abroad such as in America, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Malaysia, and Philippines.


Associated with the development of human resources at the internal level, UIN instead of just lifting new lecturers but also improve the quality of lecturers who have been through several training programs and scholarships. In addition, majors in environmental UIN need to do some activities that can improve academic quality. Some of the activities undertaken are intended to encourage academic improvement, UIN Bandung encourage lecturers / researchers to carry out the college Tridharma Education / Teaching; Research, and Service to the community. For the Islamic university research Dharma is an important motor in moving the campus and provide a conducive academic atmosphere. Lecturer / researcher as professional educators and scientists at institutions of higher education, have an obligation to implement the three Tridarma PT in order to improve the function and role of the college.


While the infrastructure, since the name change at the top there are several significant infrastructure developments in the form of development both from the Islamic Development Bank. As it is understood that the commitment Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to provide loan funds for development in Indonesia should be appreciated and seriously responded. IDB is financing institution which has unique characteristics compared with other multilateral financing institutions. The uniqueness lies in the not implemented the kinds of costs such as interest (interest), commitment fees (Commitment fees) and costs imposed on the initial loan disbursement (Front-end fee). Implementation of Indonesian cooperation with the IDB during the period of 1978 – is now largely focused on infrastructure, agriculture and irrigation, regional development, education, and health. However, cooperation still less is considered optimal because the level of withdrawal and the absorption loan funds are still very low.


Therefore, it is necessary to implement several programs that can drive a academic curricula and human resource development. Expected by the academic program curriculum and human development can meningkatkanp Eran, duties and responsibilities of the academic community in realizing the goals of national education, namely the intellectual life of the nation, improve the quality of Indonesian, including the quality of faith / piety, morality noble, and the mastery of science, technology, and art, as well as Indonesian society to realize that advanced, just, prosperous, and civilized. To carry out the functions, roles, and a very strategic position, it needs a professional staff.

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