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Pusat Kerjasama & Kewirausahaan


Prof. Dr. H. Tajul Arifin, MA.


Herry Sutanto, SE., MM.



Prof. Dr. H. Sulasman, M.Hum.

Dr. H. Asep Abdul Sahid, S.Ag. M.Si.

Dr. H. Ruddy Heryana, Lc., MA.

Dr. Dadan F. Ramdhan, M.Ag., M.M.Pd.


Partnership program is due to support the improvement of academic quality, research, public service, as well as to develop campus facilities of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. This program is conducted on profit orientation. 

It is also conducted in cooperation with governmental institution, private institution, mass media, publishers, research institution, social institute, and other institutions which support the development of UIN in the future. In 2004-2005 UIN collaborated with Provincial Government of West Java, the KNPI, the LPEM Jabar, Iran Embassy, the US Embassy the UIN Sari Hidayatullah Jakarta, the STT Telkom, the RELO, Australian Partnership Scholarship (APS), the BNI, the BRI, the BHS, the Bank Jabar, the BMI,  the HU Piker Racist, the PT TELKOM and the HU Republika. 

Outside government: a. University namely the University of al-Azhar; LSM namely CECID; c. Council (US embassy, Saudi Arabia embassy, Iran embassy, Relo and FWUI); d. Cooperation with donor institutions (Fulbright, Aminef, Asia Foundation, ADS, APS and INIS).






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