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IDB Jeddah to visit UIN SGD

IDB Jeddah team led by Dr. Abdi Abdullahi and Dr.. Ratne Razak visited the UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung on Friday, May 20, yesterday.


PMU Manager UIN SGD Bandung, Dr. Fisher Zulkarnain, asserted that the visit team from the IDB Jeddah is more oriented toward efforts to accelerate the pace of the project. Manager of the IDB team saw that the presence of Jeddah to the UIN is a very valuable momentum to spur the development process who lives take off its course. This is evident from the willingness of Dr.. Abdi Abdullah who is willing to accommodate the various problems faced by all stakeholders while providing problem-solving.


Arriving on Campus UIN SGD Bandung, the team IDB Jeddah, amounting to 3 (three) is directly coordinated with the PMU and the consultants (PMSC, DEDC, FAC, and EQC) UIN Bandung funded the construction of the IDB.


In his talk for 1 hour, Dr. Abdi Abdullahi judged that UIN Jakarta project development will be realized after the IDB issued a tender winner NOL Civil Work. Therefore, the committee and the PMU should immediately coordinate with all consultants to immediately prepare a variety of needs that can expedite the pace of the project.


IDB team is also evaluating all the consultants who help prop up the construction of UIN. Associated with the development of UIN, Dr. Abdi Abdullah judged that the command of all the consultants that there is PMSC. Because it is a catalyst for accelerated development of UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung charged to shoulder PMSC. PMSC has a responsibility to memenej keberjalanan project.

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