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Pusat Penjaminan Mutu Pendidikan


Dr. H. Atang Abd. Hakim, MA.


Dr. Ija Suntana, M.Ag.


Kabid Audit Mutu & Akreditasi

Dr. Chaerul Rochman, M.Pd.

Kabid Sistem Infor. Penj Mutu

Dra. Hj. Nanih Machendrawaty, M.Ag.

Kabid Pengemb. & Pel. Penj Mutu

Drs. Ayi Sofyan, M.Si.

Kabid Pendidikan & Pelatihan

Drs. H. Yuyun Nurulaen, M.Si.


The quality assurance system of UIN SGD Bandung is developed as to preserve and increase quality education in continuous ways.  It also functions as a part of management system and process of academic and non-academic program conduct.  It is formed at the level of university and the whole units and arranged through organizing quality manuals containing quality statement as an institution commitment, policy, procedure, instruction and quality works.  In implementation of the quality assurance, quality targets of each work unit should be done, as suitable for work capacity of each component.  This program is intended to develop mechanism on continuing quality improvement to adapt with development on national and international scale.

Monitoring and evaluation on the process of continuing quality improvement are conducted through coordinating with internal audit implementer.  In addition, data recording system and good information on process and results of implementation on the quality assurance system are so significant.  The results of the quality assurance as a whole is used as a part of external quality assurance program in the shape of institution and study program accreditation.

Program of developing of the quality assurance system covers: (1) arranging quality manual data, (2) organizing quality manual data, (3) implementing quality assurance, (4) establishing quality targets and monitoring and evaluating quality achievement in education, research, civil service, human resource, works, administration, funding, infrastructure, and many other supporting elements, (5) arranging data recording on information, registration of quality system certification: ISO 9001-2000 by institution of international certification, (6) providing fund that guarantees improvement of internal and external quality periodically and continuously.





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