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Pusat Informasi dan Komputer


Dr. Adeng Muchtar Ghazali, M.Ag.


Wawan Kurniawan, M. Ag

Kabid Jaringan   

Drs. A. Agus Sulthonie, M. Ag 

Kabid Refortase   

Drs. H. Ridha Abdullah

Kabid Penyuluhan   

Encep Dulwahab, S.Sos

Kasubag TU. Puskom  

Dra. Maswani


The information system of UIN SGD Bandung is developed through instrument on basic mastery of integrated information system.  The integrated information system is intended to support the management and improvement of academic program quality, administration, infrastructure, networks, management, and finance. The information system developed through the approach of informatics technology development is expected to be able to form integrated information system of the database, analysis, storing, restoring data.  The developed information and data cover: (1) information system on academic, (2) about students, (3) human resource, (4) facilities, (5) administration, finance, and software to support academic and non-academic affairs.

The development of the information system is also utilized to preserve internal communication and coordination, and collaboration with another institution, government, alumni, industry, or the public.

The program of the information system consists of (a) arranging blueprint developing of UIN’s information system, management including system of data distribution, authority of data access, and disaster recovery system; (b) developing of the integrated information system covering academic information system, human resource, administration, funding, cooperation, and the like; (c) Supporting software, decision support system helping academic and non-academic leaders; (d) local area network constructing internal and external communication at campus; (e) developing of website capacity with bandwidth ratio for overall academic affairs.




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