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7th International Indonesia Forum Conference “Representing Indonesia”

From growing democracy to religion, from regional to cultural diversity, all aspects of Indonesia are represented in various ways and through various channels, making these aspects part of the general picture of Indonesia. For the 7th International Indonesia Forum Conference we call once again upon scholars of various disciplines to address the theme of ‘representation’ in Indonesia in all its aspects: political, religious, social, cultural, regional, economic, education, communication, law, technology…

As 2014 is an election year, representation carries a clear political meaning. However, we challenge scholars to stretch the concept beyond this element of representation in Indonesia. We invite scholars to exercise their expertise and address the conceptual make-up on how values are represented in Indonesia and the mechanisms of this representation: the concept of democracy and how it evolves, the concept of justice and how it is applied, the concept of culture and how it is represented… as well as the representation of elements and groups in Indonesian society.

We also welcome contributions envisioning the concept of representation in a narrow sense of elements pertaining to specific research and disciplines… whether they be elements of religious theories in Indonesia, or implementation of economic development projects. The Conference aims to explore how various aspects of society are represented and perceived by Indonesians and Indonesianists alike.

The 7th International Indonesia Forum Conference will be held in the State Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati in Bandung from 19-20 August 2014.

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