Public Services

Public service is one of the main duties of the Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi (higher education services). In relation to this, the duty is realized by doing KKN (Student Public Service Program), Program Desa Binaan (Rural Development Program), Masjid Binaan (Mosque Development Service), Madrasah Binaan (Islamic School Development Service), and Bina Kampus Lingkungan (Campus Environment Development). The application of the KKN for the students of undergraduate program is applied once a year. They are disseminated in countryside, sub districts, within the regencies of West Java province. 

The Desa Binaan Program is implemented in the form of spiritual and mental development, socio-economic development, empowerment  the role of the students/alumni in their hometowns. The Desa Binaan consists of several country sides, namely: Cipadung, Cisaranten Wetan (Bandung City), Giri Mekar, Cibiru Hilir (Bandung Regency), Kutamandiri (Sumedang Regency). Additionally, the program called Program Binaan is a specific model in managing the Mosque of At-Ta`awun (Puncak Cianjur-Bogor) and the Agung Mosque Ciromed, in cooperation with the provincial government of West Java.


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