Nazhariyyat Al-Tanzhīmi Al-Qadhāī and Its Transformation In Indonesian Regulation

Abstract – Changes in regulation have a significant impact on the substance, structure and legal culture of Religious Courts, especially after the enactment of Law Number 50 Year 2009. The changes were influenced by some factors and had an impact on the reformulation of nazhariyyat al-tanzhÄ«mi al-qadhāī in the Indonesian legal system. In the context of the legal system, the law is required to harmonize both parallel and higher regulation.

Key words : Nazhariyyat Al-Tanzhīmi Al-Qadhāī, Transformation, Religious Court, National Legal System

Paper on 1st Biennial Conference on Sharia and Islamic Studies, UIN IB Padang 23 sd 25 Agustus 2017